Sandwiches - $5.00  /  $7.50


Egg & Cheese

Egg & Cheese sandwiched between two halves of our famous dough.

*Add Bacon +1.00   /   Side of Maple Glaze +$.50


Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, and Hardboiled Egg on a donut topped with Everything Spice.


Premium Donuts - $3.50

* indicates rotating seasonal flavors

Maple Bacon

Featuring real Vermont maple syrup and topped with thick-cut smokey bacon.

Brown Butter Hazelnut Crunch

A rich brown butter glaze topped with salted and toasted crushed hazelnuts.

Apple Crisp

 An apple cider glaze with cider from Carlson’s Orchard and topped it with a classic apple crisp cookie topping of buttery oats and warming spices.


Original Donuts - $3.00

* indicates rotating seasonal flavors

Cinnamon Sugar

The flavor combo you know and love tastes even better on our famous donut dough.

Sea Salted Bourbon Caramel

A rich and gooey caramel glaze, topped with sea salt sprinkles, finished with a kick of bourbon.

Union Square Donuts Honey Glazed.png

Coconut Masala *

A yellow curry glaze topped with shredded coconut offers a uniquely delicious flavor.

Old Fashioned

Aptly named, this thick buttermilk cake-style donut is perfect for dunking in coffee - or devouring.

Birthday Cake

This cake-style donut is topped with our rich dark chocolate and sprinkles - candles not included.

Vanilla Bean

A classic. Featuring real vanilla beans, this is a rich, creamy vanilla glaze that's sure to satisfy.

Vietnamese Coffee

Covered in a rich, creamy glaze made from condensed milk and espresso.

Pumpkin Spice *

A pumpkin spice glaze made with real pumpkin puree, topped in a maple syrup drizzle.

Belgian Dark Chocolate

This delicious dark chocolate glaze melts perfectly on top of our light, fluffy donut dough.

Union Square Donuts Toasted Coconut.png

Toasted Coconut

Coated in a tasty coconut glaze and wrapped in shredded toasted coconut, this is a coconut-lover's dream.


Filled Donuts - $3.75 / $4.00

* indicates rotating seasonal flavors

Boston Cream

We make Boston proud with our dark chocolate glaze and rich, creamy vanilla pastry filling in this iconic donut.

Raspberry Jam

This donut is stuffed with a sweet, tasty raspberry jam & coated in granulated sugar.

Coconut Cream *

Filled with creamy coconut filling & topped with shredded coconut. Perfect for the coconut lover.


Vegan Donuts - $3.50

* indicates rotating seasonal flavors

Vegan Cinnamon Sugar

Vegan Belgian Dark Chocolate

Vegan Coconut Masala *

Donut Holes - $0.50ea  /  $2.00 half dozen  /  $4.00 dozen

Sugar Glazed

Cinnamon Sugar

Vegan Cinnamon Sugar*

*Available at Somerville location only