Introducing Barbecue Brisket Sandwiches - An Event

It's no secret that we love donuts. By all accounts, they are the perfect food - and if you argue otherwise, we'll just plug our ears and run away. But what many people might not know is that we love other foods, too. Like barbecue. We really love barbecue.

And, as if by a fortunate twist of fate, it turns out that our Production Manager Todd is an avid barbecuer. Barbecueist? Either way, he loves to cook barbecue, and he's really good at it, too.

So we had an idea: could we put together an event that combines our donuts with his outstanding barbecue? How about if it's not a donut, but we use our same great dough as the bun for a bbq brisket sandwich? That seemed to get everybody excited. So we went with it.

We went through a few rounds of testing to make sure everything was perfect, from the dough to the meat, from the slaw to the sauce. Some tweaks here, some adjustments there. But now, as much as we would love to say, "it's not ready," as a way to keep the office taste-testing sessions alive, we can't. It's ready.

The next step is sharing it with all of you.

  • Where? 
    • Our shop at 20 Bow Street in Somerville, MA.
  • When?
    • Thursday, January 25th, from 5pm-7pm.
  • What Do You Get? 
    • Each ticket gets you a BBQ brisket sandwich with all the fixin's, hand-cut sweet potato chips, cilantro lime dipping sauce, and a whole bunch'a napkins - you're gonna need 'em.
  • How?
    • You just have to buy a ticket. The price covers what we pay for the products, the work Todd puts in to make everything by hand (literally everything), and us showing up to serve you. It's worth it! You can buy your ticket here.

Tickets are limited to 40 total, so if you're interested, don't slack on getting into it.

We can't tell you how excited we are to be throwing this event - and who knows, maybe if it all goes well, barbecue brisket sandwiches won't be such an unusual sight around Union Square Donuts.