Introducing Trail Glazer - Union Square Donuts Coffee!

It's no secret that coffee & donuts are the perfect pair.

However, that doesn't mean that there aren't secrets, and we've been keeping one for a little while now. It's time we came clean.

Trail Glazer
The official Union Square Donuts coffee!

We've been working hard to create the perfect blend of coffee that's brewed with donuts in mind. 

With notes of dark chocolate & toasted almond, Trail Glazer is a medium dark roast blend of beans sourced from Guatemala, Rwanda and Brazil. We put an enormous amount of love, effort and care into the donuts we make for you, and the coffee we serve with them deserves no less.

Trail Glazer is being brewed at both our Brookine and Somerville shops for drip coffee, espresso, and cold brew. We're also brewing our single-origin Rwanda coffee as well, so if you want Trail Glazer, just ask for it by name.


Don't live near our shops to grab a bag? No worries! We've added it to our online shop, which you can find here.