We now offer a donut subscription-style service that makes it even easier for you to have your donuts delivered - and devoured.


Union Square Donut Share Offers:


  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly Donut Share

    • Do you order often - or often enough? Do you have regular meetings or get-togethers where donuts would make a great addition? Our donut share service makes it easy to set and forget.

    • * 3 Dozen Donut Minimum Delivery*


  • Exclusive Access to Flavors

    • Donut Share subscribers will get exclusive access to the new donut flavors we've got rolling out of our kitchen.


  • More Than Just Donuts

    • We've also got a variety of drinks that can help you wash those donuts down. Milk, chocolate milk, orange juice, Spindrift Seltzers, Cawston Sodas, and growlers of our Cold Brew are all great options to choose from.




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